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Michael Kors is a New-York based fashion designer whose specialization is designing female classic American sportswear. He was born in 1959 in Long Island, New York and grew up in Merrick, New York. Consequently, he graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Bellmore, New York. Today, he is enjoying a significant level of success in the fashion industry.


How and why his fashion label started

Michael Kors had an affinity for fashion since his younghood. Part of that influence was the exposure he had to designing due to his mother’s modelling career. Just at the age of five, he was daring enough to design his mother’s wedding dress at her second marriage. Michael_Kors_pic

In an interview with Laurent Hutton, Michael Kors acknowledges that his grandmother was a style expert. In his teenage years, he started designing and selling clothes from his parent’s basement. A small stint at the New York based Fashion Institute of Technology could have further improved his exposure and dedication to fashion. In addition, he worked at a boutique where he destined his own clothes.
The turning point of Michael Kors was his meeting with Dawn Mello, who was by then the fashion director at Bergdof Goodman who is attributed to discovering and developing his talent and its here that he sold his line. In 1981, he established his own label and started running his own brand. Another factor that contributed to his success is that he optimally exploited the opportunities that came with designing for the celebrities. The celebrities who sought his services include Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Alicia Keys, Rachael McAdams, and several, several more. In addition, Michelle Obama’s first term official portrait shows a black sleeveless dress designed by Michael Kors. In an interview with Vogue, Michael Kors stated that actresses are not just actresses, but rather they are people like any other – with families, philanthropic activities, and activism. By implication, they need high quality and flexible designs so that they can fit in their changing roles. His philosophy is that women should define their own paths in the fashion industry.

bannerAbout Michael Kors’ Company

The Michael Kors company, which is named after himself, is a designer of luxury accessories and ready to wear. Products include watches, footwear, men’s and women’s ready to wear, eye wear, and fragrance products. Its geographical presence include Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Istanbul, Seoul, Hong Kong, Michael-Kors-HandbagsShanghai, Milan, Chicago, Beverly Hills, and many more. The company has a major expansion plans in various countries such as Japan.
The company operates its stores either directly or through licensing partners. In addition, the company runs a user friendly and comprehensive website that gives a detailed description of its products. The products are in well defined categories such as men, women, etc.


1.54011_imageMichael Kors has not only concentrated on expanding his business. Rather, he has been involved in philanthropic initiatives, such as the Fight Against Hunger, which he has been committed to for more than 20 years. For example, he has directly supported the activities of the God’s We Deliver, a New York based organization, in the distribution of meals to people with various illnesses such as cancer. In addition, he partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in its efforts against hunger.

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Michael Kors is an icon in the fashion industry and in deed the whole of fashion entrepreneurship. His journey to success is characterized by industry, resilience, persistence, and the ability to overcome challenges. He has also been positively depicted in popular culture. Overall, Michael Kors has won numerous awards in the fashion industry.

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