Michael-Kors-SS-2012-with-Karmen-Pedaru-4WTFSG-karmen-pedaru-for-michael-kors-spring-catalog-2013-5One reason why Michael Kors is one of the most respected fashion labels in the world comes from how much detail is placed on different parts of certain products. The bags, shoes, watches and other common accessories that Michael Kors sells are appealing but the practice of creating and designing Michael Kors art is something to behold in today’s amazing fashion world.


Everything Is Designed First

The products for the brand to sell must be designed before they can be sent out to the market. The design process that is used when getting different Michael Kors products ready entails work at the brand’s design studio in New York. The design michael-kors-storestudio places a focus on the creation of new products based on two key aspects…

First, the products must have a striking look that is bold and unique. It must be something that is not all that easy to copy.

Second, the products have to be functional. A handbag can be designed with various inside and outside compartments that fit the needs for today’s average user, for instance. Watches may also be reviewed based on how they are laid out and how different types of quality embellishments or accents may be added as desired.
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Only the Finest Materials

The artistic and design features of Michael Kors products is great to observe in its own right but there are many additional points that must be used when creating these items. All products are made with very strict rules regarding the materials to be used when creating them. These rules are designed as a means of creating products that are refined and appealing without being too hard to use for any desires one has when finding a quality product to tote around and show to others.

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For instance, quality leather has to be used on many products. Fine lamb leather is used for a mix between its durability and the fact that it can be either slim or thick as needed.
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Meanwhile, stainless steel accents are used on many of these products. These include the buckles and zippers. Stainless steel is hard to tarnish and will let off a fine shine for as long as desired.

Any precious metals that are to be used will also be tested and checked for purity. This is especially the case for many of the company’s watches. The products are designed with some gold materials.
All of these items are made in environments that place a strong emphasis on quality and product control over all other things. Michael Kors uses properly trained people to help with creating different items. The company does not micheal kors shoesuse forced labor or child labor like what so many other labels have used in the past. Everything is designed and built with the finest materials in the world.

Michael Kors has made its name as a highly popular fashion label over the years thanks to its many fine and useful products. It is no surprise that the attention to detail that has been placed on different products is something worth exploring.