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Michael Kors – Behind The Scenes

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Michelle Obama wears his dresses, Meryl Streep name checked him in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, and in 2014 he became the latest fashion designer to become a billionaire. So just who is the famous Michael Kors, and what does his company do?

Many of you may have already heard of him. Born to Jewish parents in New York in 1959, MichaelKors_7625 Kors began his ascent into the heady heights of the fashion world in the corner of a small boutique on 57th Street, New York, in 1977. Today he has a net worth of $1 billion and is famous all over the world, having launched the Michael Kors brand in 1981. Despite a bankruptcy in 1997 that almost forced him out of the industry, Kors returned with a greater focus on accessibility and refocused his brand towards both high and middle income individuals. In the United States, Michael Kors fashion company is known for producing ready to wear, classically inclined American sportswear and complimentary accessories. Though originally focused solely on women’s-wear, the company has now successfully branched into men’s-wear as well.


michael kors men women clothings
The company’s development department produces a wide range of products, from clothing to shoes and watches. Of particular significance is the company’s movement into licensing, producing eye wear, perfume and fragrances, watches and jewelry through licensed manufacturers. This has increased both its my life on the d listrange and customer base. A common feature of his products is a focus towards the ‘jet set’ lifestyle, and his collections can generally be styled as ‘luxury’, aimed at the upper and upper-middle class consumer. Primarily the company splits its products into two lines, the ‘Michael Kors Collection’, a luxury collection aimed at those with a lot of money to spare, and the ‘MICHAEL Michael Kors Collection’, a collection aimed at producing more accessible luxury products. This enables his style to be available to a wide range of people who enjoy shopping, boosting the popular appeal of his brand. Kors has also designed clothes for a number of celebrities, including Alicia Keys, Rachel McAdams and Jennifer Lopez and many, many more. Having high profile stars wear his clothes has helped increase the desirability of his brand, and how famous it is.
With the advent of e-commerce and a corresponding decline in the popularity of shopping in person, Michael Kors moved much of his operation onto the company’s website. Whilst his products are still readily available in many real life store locations, his company has also successfully dug out a sizable online presence. Today www.michaelkors.com is viewed 250,000 times per day, showing its popularity with consumers wishing to do some shopping online. It is also possible to buy any in-store product online, and the website also offers free shipping to ensure consumers don’t pay more when shopping from the comfort of their own home. The website also offers customers a greater connectivity with Michael Kors himself, as he shares his tips and thoughts on the latest in the fashion world in the ‘Michael’s edit’ section of the website. Having become a billionaire in 2014, it seems that the fame and fortune of Michael Kors will only continue to grow over the coming years.


Designing Michael Kors Fashion

Michael-Kors-SS-2012-with-Karmen-Pedaru-4WTFSG-karmen-pedaru-for-michael-kors-spring-catalog-2013-5One reason why Michael Kors is one of the most respected fashion labels in the world comes from how much detail is placed on different parts of certain products. The bags, shoes, watches and other common accessories that Michael Kors sells are appealing but the practice of creating and designing Michael Kors art is something to behold in today’s amazing fashion world.


Everything Is Designed First

The products for the brand to sell must be designed before they can be sent out to the market. The design process that is used when getting different Michael Kors products ready entails work at the brand’s design studio in New York. The design michael-kors-storestudio places a focus on the creation of new products based on two key aspects…

First, the products must have a striking look that is bold and unique. It must be something that is not all that easy to copy.

Second, the products have to be functional. A handbag can be designed with various inside and outside compartments that fit the needs for today’s average user, for instance. Watches may also be reviewed based on how they are laid out and how different types of quality embellishments or accents may be added as desired.
michael kors fashion


Only the Finest Materials

The artistic and design features of Michael Kors products is great to observe in its own right but there are many additional points that must be used when creating these items. All products are made with very strict rules regarding the materials to be used when creating them. These rules are designed as a means of creating products that are refined and appealing without being too hard to use for any desires one has when finding a quality product to tote around and show to others.

michael kors wallet
For instance, quality leather has to be used on many products. Fine lamb leather is used for a mix between its durability and the fact that it can be either slim or thick as needed.
michael kors watch
Meanwhile, stainless steel accents are used on many of these products. These include the buckles and zippers. Stainless steel is hard to tarnish and will let off a fine shine for as long as desired.

Any precious metals that are to be used will also be tested and checked for purity. This is especially the case for many of the company’s watches. The products are designed with some gold materials.
All of these items are made in environments that place a strong emphasis on quality and product control over all other things. Michael Kors uses properly trained people to help with creating different items. The company does not micheal kors shoesuse forced labor or child labor like what so many other labels have used in the past. Everything is designed and built with the finest materials in the world.

Michael Kors has made its name as a highly popular fashion label over the years thanks to its many fine and useful products. It is no surprise that the attention to detail that has been placed on different products is something worth exploring.


Michael Kors Biography

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Michael Kors is a New-York based fashion designer whose specialization is designing female classic American sportswear. He was born in 1959 in Long Island, New York and grew up in Merrick, New York. Consequently, he graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Bellmore, New York. Today, he is enjoying a significant level of success in the fashion industry.


How and why his fashion label started

Michael Kors had an affinity for fashion since his younghood. Part of that influence was the exposure he had to designing due to his mother’s modelling career. Just at the age of five, he was daring enough to design his mother’s wedding dress at her second marriage. Michael_Kors_pic

In an interview with Laurent Hutton, Michael Kors acknowledges that his grandmother was a style expert. In his teenage years, he started designing and selling clothes from his parent’s basement. A small stint at the New York based Fashion Institute of Technology could have further improved his exposure and dedication to fashion. In addition, he worked at a boutique where he destined his own clothes.
The turning point of Michael Kors was his meeting with Dawn Mello, who was by then the fashion director at Bergdof Goodman who is attributed to discovering and developing his talent and its here that he sold his line. In 1981, he established his own label and started running his own brand. Another factor that contributed to his success is that he optimally exploited the opportunities that came with designing for the celebrities. The celebrities who sought his services include Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Alicia Keys, Rachael McAdams, and several, several more. In addition, Michelle Obama’s first term official portrait shows a black sleeveless dress designed by Michael Kors. In an interview with Vogue, Michael Kors stated that actresses are not just actresses, but rather they are people like any other – with families, philanthropic activities, and activism. By implication, they need high quality and flexible designs so that they can fit in their changing roles. His philosophy is that women should define their own paths in the fashion industry.

bannerAbout Michael Kors’ Company

The Michael Kors company, which is named after himself, is a designer of luxury accessories and ready to wear. Products include watches, footwear, men’s and women’s ready to wear, eye wear, and fragrance products. Its geographical presence include Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Istanbul, Seoul, Hong Kong, Michael-Kors-HandbagsShanghai, Milan, Chicago, Beverly Hills, and many more. The company has a major expansion plans in various countries such as Japan.
The company operates its stores either directly or through licensing partners. In addition, the company runs a user friendly and comprehensive website that gives a detailed description of its products. The products are in well defined categories such as men, women, etc.


1.54011_imageMichael Kors has not only concentrated on expanding his business. Rather, he has been involved in philanthropic initiatives, such as the Fight Against Hunger, which he has been committed to for more than 20 years. For example, he has directly supported the activities of the God’s We Deliver, a New York based organization, in the distribution of meals to people with various illnesses such as cancer. In addition, he partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in its efforts against hunger.

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Michael Kors is an icon in the fashion industry and in deed the whole of fashion entrepreneurship. His journey to success is characterized by industry, resilience, persistence, and the ability to overcome challenges. He has also been positively depicted in popular culture. Overall, Michael Kors has won numerous awards in the fashion industry.

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